De Gagne

Title: Traces of the Past VI
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Dimensions: 30″ x 36″



Renee De Gagne is a Montreal-born artist. She became a full-time professional artist in 2006, after leaving behind a successful career as a management consultant. The past several years have been devoted to her artistic development through an active pursuit of custom training in visual arts. Renee works in mixed media. Her expression is strong and spontaneous, with a rich texture and a warm color palette, she creates works which combine figuration and abstraction.

Her favourite subject is architecture : « My paintings reflect my love of architecture, be it breathtaking towers or ancient constructions. Buildings are an important testimonial of our presence on earth – « Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space » (L. Mies van der Rohe). My work is about this « presence ». I find inspiration in architectural details, textures, reflections, integration of modern to ancient, contrasts formed by complexity and simplicity. My objective is to evoke a sensation and bring the viewer to see beauty beyond the stones and structures. »